Starting from scratch!

ViVoTECH required AS Digital to build their brand from its inception. A Managed Service Provider with aspirations of becoming a sizeable business over a short term period, it was essential to build a strong brand and put it into place. 

The initial process required the creation of a business name, logos, fonts and colours to bring it to life all which AS Digital managed and executed removing stress and complication from the business owner. Once this step of establishing the brand came to life, it allowed for a clearer vision of the next steps and how the website could be brought to life by a specialist web designer.  

The next steps were taken to establish social media presence across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube but the predominant focus upon LinkedIn due to the nature of the target audience. Thus content has been created and shared across all platforms and within two months of the business' inception, it already has more than 650 followers across platform. 

The biggest success during the launch of ViVoTECH has been the roaring success of the content with more than 18,500 natural impressions for February alone! 

There are significant plans moving forward to ensure the content stays relevant, engagement rates remain high and audience building continues! If you wish to look at any of the ViVoTECH social media platforms, please do so below!



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